Natural Deterrents to Use Against Opossums

Some people don’t mind the possum, some fiercely dislike them, and others think they’re pretty cute. Whichever way you feel about the commonly found critter, you might need to think about keeping them at a distance. While nocturnal and on the timid side, possums can cause plenty of issues in a garden or yard. People growing their own produce, for example, are always looking for the best ways to keep these critters away. In this article, we’re going to be looking at natural deterrents to keep the possum away from your property.

Tree Surgery

This option usually isn’t obvious to people. Did you know that possums are competent and agile climbers? Trees that have branches hanging over your yard or garden are a highway for the critters and create easy-to-use paths. Cutting these down completely might not always be possible, but make sure to cut back overhanging branches. This will remove an avenue for possums to get into your yard or garden.

If the tree is on your land, make sure that the branches aren’t extending onto, or close to, fences or other items that can be climbed on. Should the offending tree be on someone else’s yard, ask the owner if they wouldn’t mind you cutting the tree back for them. This will provide an additional benefit of allowing more open space in your yard or garden and might even allow extra sun into your own space.

Pet Hair

If you haven’t really seen a possum up close and rely on internet pictures to become familiar with your adversary, you might be forgiven for thinking that the possum is a vicious creature. All those sharp, pointed teeth can look intimidating. 

The reality is quite different; possums are actually very timid creatures with a strong prey reflex. This means that the smallest unexpected sound or sudden change in an environment will send them running. Also, the presence of a predator will make them think twice about entering an area at all.

This is where pet hair comes in handy. If you have a dog or cat, or even if you know someone with a pet cat or dog, this is a great, subtle way to keep possums away. Spread small amounts of the hair around borders, fences, and hedges, and the possums will quickly pick up the smell and keep away from your yard or garden. They know that the risk of being eaten while looking for a meal isn’t worth it, and they will move on.

Tidy Up

This should be obvious so we’re putting this last. All the steps above are great at keeping possums out; however, if you’re leaving food or garbage around in your yard or garden, you are creating an environment too tempting to avoid. If an animal has a choice between a hard or an easy meal, they will always pick the easy meal. Ensure that bins are closed, cleaned, and locked away. Any food waste should be put into airtight containers that won’t smell.