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Opossum Society of the United States

The Opossum Society of the United States provides great information on protecting and preserving opossums, as well as how to deal with them.

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In this article, the Progressive Animal Welfare Society gives information on opossums and their ecology and behavior.  The article also covers opossum exclusion processes.

About Opossums

All About Opossums

What It Means When You See an Active Opossum During Day

Identifying Opossum Tracks

Opossum Tails

Opossum Mating and Rearing

Do Opossums Hibernate?

An Opossum's Natural Predators

Can Opossums Burrow or Dig Holes?

Causes of Opossum Odor and How to Remove It

What Makes Opossums Distinct?

Opossums and Diseases

Symptoms of Sick Opossums

Can Opossums Run Fast?

Can Opossums Climb?

Opossum Size

Is Opossum Urine Toxic? (and how to remove the smell)

Do Opossums Live in the Wild or Urban Areas?

Opossum Feces

All About "Playing Possum"

Opossums During Winter

Opossum Diet and Foraging

Do Opossums Hiss?

Opossums vs. Possums

Do Opossums Live in Trees?

Common Issues Opossums Cause

Related Questions

Is it Illegal to Trap an Opossum?

What to Do With Orphaned Baby Opossums

What Causes Opossums to Die Under Homes?

Should Opossums be Poisoned?

Can Opossums be Good Pets?

Do Pest Control Companies Remove Opossums?

Will City or County Animal Services Help With Opossums?

Should I Feed a Baby Opossum?

What Dangers Do Opossums Pose to Pets?

Prevention Methods

Repelling Opossums

Natural Deterrents to Use Against Opossums

What Attracts Opossums?

Keeping Opossums Away From Your Property

Keeping Opossums Out of the Garden

Keeping Opossums Away From Your Property

Keeping Opossums Away From Garbage Cans

Dealing with Opossums

Removing Opossums From Under Your Shed or Porch

Handling Opossums - Tips and Risks

Trapping an Opossum

Locating and Removing Dead Opossums

Removing Opossums From Inside Your Walls

Best Opossum Baits

What to do After Catching an Opossum

Getting Rid of Opossums Humanely

Removing Opossums From Your Attic

Dealing With Opossums in the House

Relocating a Trapped Opossum

Opossum Removal - Professional vs. DIY


Indoor Opossum Damage

The Importance of Wildlife Rehabilitators

What to Do in Case of an Opossum Bite