Kansas City Opossum Help

Kansas City, KS Opossum Help Resources – Humane Removal and Control

Welcome to Opossum Friends of Kansas City, KS! Here are some resources to help local opossums.

Kansas City Wildlife Rehabilitator:  785-542-3625

This wildlife rehabilitation center can help any injured opossum or orphaned baby opossum. This center does reply on donations to help critters, so if you bring them a possum to care for, be sure to give them a donation!

Kansas Department of Wildlife:  913-424-6767

The Kansas Department of Wildlife can often help with various wildlife concerns, including opossum issues. They typically deal with wildlife laws and public safety matters, but they may be able to assist you.

Wyandotte County Animal Services:  913-321-1445

Your local Wyandotte County Animal Services can often help with an opossum issue, such as remove a sick or injured opossum off a property or maybe even assist with opossum removal and relocation.

US Dept. of Agriculture Kansas Extension:  785-537-6855

The Kansas Department of Agriculture can often offer assistance with wildlife issues, including opossum matters.

Opossum Nuisances

Some people consider opossums a nuisance in various scenarios, such as when one of these animals lives under your porch or shed, or when it eats your pet’s food. It is the stance of Opossum Friends, and that of the Humane Society of the US and many other professional organizations that in most cases, you do not need to interfere, for these reasons:

  • Opossums are gentle creatures that do not attack people or pets.
  • Opossums are not demonstrated to carry zoonotic diseases transferrable to people or pets.
  • Opossums are nomadic, meaning the opossum on your property will move on soon.

Prevention is Best

If you don’t want opossums on your property, consider these prevention methods rather than trapping or killing the animals.

  • Keep pet food secure and indoors.
  • Keep garbage can lids strapped down.
  • Install a fence or baffle around any other food sources, like bird feeders or gardens.
  • Install lattice or steel mesh barriers around porches or decks to prevent them from entering under these spaces.

The opossums of Kansas City are lovely, and we think you should feel lucky if you spot one! Feel free to email us any opossum photos or stories you have, to Kansas City@opossumfriends.com.