Best Opossum Baits

Opossums can sometimes be extremely destructive. When an opossum intrudes on your property, you may desire to get rid of the animal as fast as possible. This may come in the form of prevention, deterring, or removal by trap.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the best baits to use when trapping an opossum.

Best Baits

Opossums are an animal that will eat just about whatever it can find. Although the likelihood of being attracted to the bait you’ve chosen is highly dependent on the season, an opossum is not categorized as a picky eater by any means.

Below are the most commonly used baits for trapping opossums:

  • Meat-based bait
  • Fish (i.e. canned tuna or sardines)
  • Fruit (i.e. apples and oranges)
  • Pet food (i.e. dog food or catnip)

The above foods have all shown to be effective when trapping an opossum. However, it’s important to note the strategy used when using a bait to lure an opossum into a cage. The best method to give yourself the greatest chance of catching the animal is to create a trail-like path leading into the trap. While opossums may be ambitious creatures, they’re not very observant or intelligent.

What is a Good Bait Like?

The best options for opossum bait didn’t just come out of thin air. There is a logical reason why they are often effective.

Below are some of the characteristics to look out for when choosing the best bait for the job:

  • Strong-smelling
  • Wet, not dry

These two characteristics tend to attract opossums the best.

What to Bait When

During the winter months, opossums are most attracted to meat. During the warmer months of spring and summer, it’s likely that fruits will do the trick. In the months between, fish and poultry will be your best option.

While it is typically straightforward when advising a plan to trap an opossum, it does require some knowledge and research.

As stated throughout this article, although there are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a bait to trap an opossum, there are a couple of important measures to take to ensure a successful trap. Those measures include choosing the right bait for the job, and ensuring that the bait is ideally smelly and wet.

One last tip – if you are experiencing stray cats looting around your property as well, it may be best to avoid using pet food. You don’t want to set a trap and have the stray cat eat all the bait before you can catch the opossum.